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The Flower Wall Company was the first to create luxury artificial flower walls for the UK market. Naturally, the initial demand for The Flower Wall Company backdrops was from the wedding industry, but this has overwhelmingly grown into a lucrative floral sector for commercial and media projects, instillation's in hotels, cafes and salons, as well as PR and red carpet events.

In the past two years*, Google searches for the terms 'flower wall' and 'flower wall rental' from UK residents has increased over 80%. And with nearly 350,000** Instagram hashtags, and on average 4,000 individual UK based hits to our website each month, the flower wall market is not only growing in the UK, but it is ready for a transformation.

We receive enquiry every week from UK based brands looking to rent walls for large scale events, promotions and more. From researching social and print media, we know low quality, off the rack walls from factories are being hired to big brands. Why? Currently, there is no alternative.

Be the alternative. 

With The Flower Wall Company's products and backing, a franchisee should be able to dominate their market and secure lucrative contracts from established brands and beyond. Our flower walls are simply better than any others. 

As the industry leaders, no other flower wall manufacture can copy our product to the same high quality standards due to the nature of our position in China. Having over 50 companies contracted to create our blooms which are then hand arranged by an expert team in Shanghai, we have set the bar in the flower wall industry, and are the one the others try to copy. 

* According to Google Trends data, from March 2017 - March 2019 at the time of publication.

**  In April 2019 

flower wall Packages


We offer two franchise packages, all which include a world-class training program to teach you every aspect of the business to deliver show stopping flower walls to your clients. These packages are designed to contain everything that you need to start your franchise immediately. 

The Franchise package includes all of the required training, access to support systems, operations manuals, site design, advertising launch, and £10,00 worth of product, plus ongoing marketing and PR support. On top of this, depending on the package, franchisees will also need to factor in property costs, working capital, and equipment hire. 

To receive more information about our franchising opportunities and how to choose which package is right for you, contact us via the button below. 

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